“Reboot” Your System with a Periodic Detox

"Reboot" Your System with a Periodic Detox

“Reboot” Your System with a Periodic Detox


Feeling bloated and heavy? Have a hard time falling asleep or focusing on your tasks? Then it’s time for a detox! The chemicals in the air, water, and food can accumulate in your system and cause major damage. The sluggish and bloated feeling you get during the day may be the result of toxin buildup. Simple lifestyle changes, such as drinking warm lemon water and eating raw foods, can help reduce toxic load and boost your energy.

Although detox diets are controversial, studies confirm their benefits. Going on a detox can restore your health and improve organ function. The key is to eat clean year round and limit your exposure to chemicals and toxins. If you start to eat junk right after detox, you’re doing it all wrong.

What Does a Detox Diet Look Like?

Most detox plans emphasize whole, natural foods. Meat, eggs, and dairy should be avoided or kept to a minimum. For best results, drink detox teas, apple cider vinegar, lemon water, and other beverages that help flush out toxins. These concoctions reduce toxic load before it becomes a major health problem. Colon cleansing formulas, laxatives, and enemas are not mandatory. These products can actually do more harm than good.

Some people go on a fast for up to one week before starting the detox. If you’re new to fasting, do it for one or two days. This helps reset your appetite and gives the digestive tract a well-deserved break. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas to stay hydrated. Green smoothies and fresh vegetable juices are perfect for fasting. Coffee can help too, but it should be used in small amounts.

Why Go on a Detox?

From increased energy to mental clarity and weight loss, detox diets can boost your health on every level. In the long run, they improve your ability to cope with stress, balance your emotions, and lift your mood. Once you get rid of toxins, your immune system will become stronger and fight diseases more efficiently.

Detox diets are not a cure-all, but can make all the difference. Ideally, go a detox once every two or three months, or at least twice a year. The benefits are immediate. You’ll not only feel better, but also drop weight, look younger, and get rid of pain. Your digestion will improve too!

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