Frankenfish Alert! Stop GMO Salmon!

Frankenfish Alert! Stop GMO Salmon from Reaching Your Plate!

Frankenfish Alert! Stop GMO Salmon from Reaching Your Plate!


How healthy is your diet, really? Even if you eat healthy, you may not be safe. Nowadays, food manufacturers use misleading labels to market their products. In 2015, the world’s first genetically-altered animal won FDA approval for human consumption. Behold the “Frankenfish” – the fastest growing salmon on earth!

What Is the Frankenfish?

A couple of years ago, scientists created the first genetically modified salmon in the world. Its advocates claim that it’s just as healthy and nutritious as wild-caught fish. This marketing initiative is meant to stop the decimation of the natural salmon population. However, opinions are divided in the medical community. The worst part is that manufacturers are not required to label the Frankenfish as genetically engineered.

Soon after its release, more than 21,095 activists contacted the FDA. Unfortunately, their efforts have been in vain. This new breed of Atlantic salmon contains an antifreeze protein gene along with the Chinook salmon growth hormone gene. As a result, it grows faster than any other fish. Additionally, it’s sterile and can not reproduce.

Is the Frankenfish Bad for Your Health?

Just like other genetically modified organisms, the frankenfish carries unknown health risks. The human body may not be able to process and break down the nutrients in GMO foods. For instance, hamsters fed with GM soy in clinical trials have become sterile. Genetically modified Brazil nuts have linked to a higher risk of allergies and anaphylactic shock. GMO beans are lower in protein and amino acids compared to their conventionally grown counterparts.

Even though the frankenfish is not commercialized yet, customers should be aware of its potential dangers. This species grows twice as fast as normal salmon and contains hormones that may affect human health. Experts claim that it may cause allergies and even destroy the natural salmon population if it escapes into the ocean.

Like other genetically modified foods, it may alter the human microbiota, increase cancer risk, and harm the environment. GMOs have been linked to higher rates of infertility, autism, reproductive disorders, and bowel diseases. They also increase toxic load in the body and cause antibiotic resistance.

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