Bee Venom for Lyme Disease?

Bee Venom for Lyme Disease?

Bee Venom for Lyme Disease?


Lyme disease rates tend to increase during the hot season. If you’ve been bitten by an infected tick, you may develop this condition. Its first sign is a red rash followed by flu-like symptoms. Most people experience fatigue, neck stiffness, body aches, headaches, and fever. These problems can occur three to 30 days after the bite. Since several other diseases may cause similar symptoms, it’s not uncommon to be misdiagnosed.

Traditional treatment for lyme disease involves antibiotics. Unfortunately, these medications damage the gut flora and cause digestive distress. They kill both the good and bad bacteria in your gut, which leads to diarrhea, bloating, weakened immune function, and poor nutrient absorption. A natural cure, such as bee venom, is safer and works faster than most drugs.

How Does Bee Venom Work?

Bee venom has been used in the treatment of lyme disease for centuries. This natural remedy contains unique chemicals with healing properties. Melittin, a 26-amino-acid peptide, raises the body’s temperature and triggers the release of inflammatory compounds that fight infection. Basically, it activates certain enzymes that mimic the inflammation caused by heat. This helps stimulate your immune system and promotes healing.

When bee venom comes in contact with the pathogens causing lyme disease, it paralyzes them and ultimately kills the bacteria. The key is to use it in small doses – otherwise, it can be fatal. Apitherapy practitioners usually apply this cure along with raw honey to the affected areas. Bee venom can be also used for treating toe fungus, eczemas, psoriasis, insect bites, scratches, and cuts. You can even purchase bee venom eyedrops to restore your vision.

The Health Benefits of Bee Venom

This ancient-all remedy accelerates healing from lyme disease and boosts immune function. The dosage and frequency of treatment depend on your symptoms. According to researchers, melittin – the active compound in bee venom, inhibits the lyme disease spirochete. It also relieves pain and arthritic conditions.

In addition to its ability to cure lyme disease, bee venom has a multitude of uses. This all natural cure boasts over 18 different compounds that help relieve the symptoms associated with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, PMS, bursitis, asthma, and sore throat. Before using it, make sure you’re not allergic to bee products. Apply a small amount of bee venom on your skin and wait for the body reaction.

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