Coolsculpting – Pros and Cons

Coolsculpting: Pros and Cons

Coolsculpting: Pros and Cons


CoolSculpting is an effective dermatological procedure that involves the use of a particular machine that cools down fat and kills the fat cells. An applicator will be placed on the skin of your buttocks, thighs or tummy (depending on the trouble spots) and it sucks the skin of the particular area. A cooling process is simultaneously underway and can take up to one hour. After that, the dead fat cells are removed by the body, resulting in a tighter and smoothened skin tone.

CoolSculpting is specifically designed to get rid of fat in particular areas of the human body. Therefore, it is not the ideal choice for you if your aim is to lose some weight. The most common areas where the effectiveness of this procedure is evident are thighs, gluts, and belly. If you have any undesirable mass of fat or bulges along your thighs or tummy and relentless visits to the gym seem not to be yielding the desired results, CoolSculpting is the treatment to go for. After undergoing this treatment, your skin will become smooth, and your tummy or thighs become firmer without going through surgery. Nevertheless, CoolSculpting can also be applied to other specific areas as well.

CoolSculpting is a painless treatment, and this makes it the best choice for people who do not like pain. As a matter of fact, any patient undergoing the CoolSculpting procedure may be playing games on their smartphones or reading a book. After the treatment, you will not feel any form of discomfort, and you may even go back to your daily activity that same day without staying at home or the clinic. The only side effect is that the targeted spot may be a bit swollen and red, but after a few days, the redness disappears, and the swollen area is restored to normalcy.

To get the desired effect, patients have to undergo a minimum of two treatments at different periods. The initial results of CoolSculpting are seen after a couple of weeks, but the full effect will not be visible until after two months. This is because the human body needs time to get rid of the dead fat cells.

But everything has a good and a bad side to it.

Therefore, let us take a look at the pros and cons of CoolSculpting:


• CoolSculpting is extremely effective in most cases

• It is a non-surgical form of treatment that leaves no scars or blemishes on the skin

• Treatment is short-lived, and patients can get back to work almost immediately

• The body gets rid of fat without difficulty

• CoolSculpting focuses on targeted areas and does not affect other parts of the body

• It is the safest way to get rid of fat

• It is a painless procedure

• Results will be seen within two months and can be maintained as long as you keep on exercising and taking healthy diet.

• There is no age restriction when it comes to treatment

• This procedure can be repeated countless times


• It is an expensive process and is not readily affordable by everyone

• CoolSculpting only works for specific areas of the body

• It takes a while for result to become noticeable

• Some people, due to health problems, cannot undergo this treatment

• Patients may experience redness, bruising and swelling of targeted areas

• Skin around targeted areas may become numb or bloated

In conclusion, you should not go for CoolSculpting without consulting your doctor. It is also important to work with dermatologists that are conversant with cosmetic treatments so that the desired results can be achieved on time without any complications setting in.

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