Natural Remedies for Cough

Natural Remedies for Cough

Natural Remedies for Cough


Coughing is a common problem. Across the world, millions of people suffer from this particular health condition. It is not as severe compared with other disorders of the respiratory system, but it is annoying to have. Coughing can affect your day-to-day activities, whether you like it or not. There are lots of treatments that you can run to, and they range from natural to medical.

However, there is a great difference with regards to natural remedies for a cough and those medical solutions. Natural remedies may offer permanent relief with no side effects while the medical ones may only offer temporary relief and undesirable side effects. There is no doubt why the natural remedies for a cough are the ones being used by most people. So, if you also want to use the natural treatments, here are some that you ought to try:

1. Ginger root and lemon

This is the first kind of natural treatment that you can take. You only need fresh ginger root and sliced or grated lemon. You can actually use both the peels and the fruit itself. Combine ginger, garlic, lemon and also a spoonful of honey. You can boil it and once done, feel free to drink some more.

2. Garlic & Cane Sugar Drink

Pound 500 grams of fresh garlic into a paste, then mix two teaspoons of the paste and a teaspoon or two of cane sugar in a cup of hot water and drink. Do this twice a day. Store the remaining garlic paste in a sealed jar for future use. Good for cough from the common cold.

3. Olive Oil and Salt

This is a natural remedy against cough which has its roots in the Far East. You take a little bit of olive oil and add some salt. Heat the oil until the salt has dissolved. When the oil is cooled to room temperature you take it in your hand and rub the mixture on your chest. This is a wonderful remedy for cough and it works whether you have a dry or productive cough.

4. Salt gargles

Gargling is always effective in treating persistent cough. This helps loosen up the mucus down your throat. To prepare this, take some lukewarm water and add a bit of salt. Use the solution in lieu of your mouthwash. If you want to make a stronger gargle solution, you can add henna leaves to the concoction.

5. Honey and some alcohol

Another natural remedy that you could take to ease a cough is a full tablespoon of honey with a drop of whiskey. Simply try to do it right before you go to sleep.

These are some of the best natural remedies for a cough and they have proven to work for people all over the world. Something you must remember when it comes to coughing is that you need to act with a lot of patience and understanding. Do not play around with your health. If that cough has a deep and unusual sound to it, see an MD that can listen to your lungs and assess the situation.

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