Baking Soda – A Natural Alternative

Baking Soda - A Natural Alternative

Baking Soda – A Natural Alternative


Baking soda is an inexpensive and ubiquitous household item that can be used to clean different types of materials. In an era where we are all exposed to many toxic chemicals, it’s nice to know that something so mild can be just as effective.

Did you know that baking soda has many different uses in your household? From baking, cleaning, deodorizing, to personal care, baking soda can be one of mom’s versatile, inexpensive, efficient, and toxic-free household friend. Many of us have used baking soda to clean things around the house. You might not realize, though, just how versatile it can be.

This article will give you various ideas of how you can use baking soda and save some money as a result.

1. Aids in Digestion

If you have any indigestion, take some baking soda for fast relief. Within 15-20 minutes you’ll either belch or vomit. One way or the other, you’ve just gotten over the worst of it. Even just to settle your upset stomach, mix a 1/8 teaspoon in warm water; stir to dissolve and drink.

2. Better Dental Hygiene

This is a well-known healthy benefit of baking soda. Use it to brush your teeth for stain removal. You’ll have healthier, shinier teeth and gums. The overall feeling of cleanliness in your mouth is recognizable right away. Brush regularly to ward off coffee and wine stains. Also, it’s useful for rinsing the mouth out when you have a mouth sore and for gargling when you feel the onset of a sore throat.

3. How to Use Baking Soda for Heartburn

You should first see your pharmacist or your doctor before using baking soda for heartburn. Avoid taking baking soda if you are on prescription drugs or have high blood pressure. Recommended dosage is about a half teaspoon of baking soda in about a half a glass of water. Make sure the product is completely dissolved in water.

4. Use as hair shampoo

Baking soda helps remove impurities and clean your hair better than any expensive product on the market. You may want to proceed with caution however since results depend on hair type. It is best to try it on a small area first before applying to the entire scalp. It is also important not to use it regularly and opt to use it on your hair once or twice a month. Just mix 1/2 cup into 3 cups of very warm water, and use it on your hair.

5. General Household Cleanser

Use when you need to cleanse countertops, baths, and sinks. It’s non-toxic and odorless. You don’t breathe in bad fumes, and it removes stains and odors that linger in nooks and crannies. It removes surface stains as well. Try scrubbing it immediately on wet carpet stains to absorb the worst of the stain right away.

With the many uses and benefits of baking soda, you can choose to replace many of your harmful household products with this environmentally friendly product. It’s versatile, budget-friendly, toxic-free and efficient.

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