The Importance of Heavy Metal Detoxification

The Importance of Heavy Metal Detoxification

The Importance of Heavy Metal Detoxification


We’ve all heard about colon cleanses, organic purification diets, chelation therapy, and cleansing detoxification programs. Why is there so much attention given to cleansing our bodies from the inside out? In a word- pollution. How does pollution affect your body? Even though the body heals itself over time, there are just too many unscrupulous elements floating around in the air we breathe, our food, our water and the ground we walk and play on. Pollution is everywhere and is unavoidable.

Heavy metal pollutants will be the focus of this article. Heavy metal toxicity occurs when your body has ingested or been exposed to too many toxins and becomes overwhelmed in doing so. This leads to the suppression of the immune system, causing all kinds of symptoms, ailments and even diseases. Toxic heavy metals are so very prevalent in our environment and our bodies that if you suffer from any diagnosed medical condition, heavy metals will most likely be the underlying cause of that condition. Many serious conditions have been cleared and cured after the heavy metals were removed.

The heavy metals that destroy and hinder the human body’s activity are cadmium, mercury, and lead. Cadmium poisoning can occur if you’re a smoker or if you live in an industrial area. Most commonly the liver, lungs and kidneys are affected. Mercury molecules can travel through the bloodstream or nerve pathways in the human organism, causing a person to have problems with the gastrointestinal system and gums. Severe bronchitis or asthma can also occur. Mental difficulties, sleep disorders, hearing problems, dizziness, or fatigue might be experienced by a person who suffers from mercury toxicity. Many illnesses are associated with mercury intoxication because this heavy metal can easily interfere or hinder every bodily organ’s activity. Lead damages the brain nerves and has an adverse impact on the brain development of young kids.

A heavy metals detox process can help you get rid of these heavy metals. All these do tremendous damage to our bodies, destroying cell receptors, essential enzymes, and hormones.

It is important to seek help from a health expert whenever you want to start a heavy metals detox process. It is important to be monitored by a health practitioner since certain side effects can be experienced if not done properly. Your health advisor might recommend consuming healthy foods, or to include some essential nutrients such as silymarin, chlorella, vitamin B6, cilantro, mega -H, magnesium or methionine into your diet.

Heavy metal accumulation destroys our organs, causing the body to be ill and damaged. Therefore it would be beneficial to periodically undergo a heavy metal detox.

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