The Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

The Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds

The Benefits of Black Sesame Seeds


Have you ever tried black sesame seeds? Packed with healthy fats, these tiny seeds are highly prized in the African and Mediterranean cultures. Their rich, nutty flavor can turn any meal into a feast.

Black sesame seeds have the highest oil content of all seeds. This oil consists of essential fats that keep your heart healthy, fight inflammation, and reduce cholesterol levels. Chinese people have been using these seeds for centuries as food and medicine. Let’s see what makes them so great and how they can benefit your health!

High Nutritional Value

These small oval seeds pack a hefty nutrition punch. One tablespoon provides:

  • 11 percent of the RDA of manganese
  • 18 percent of the RDA of copper
  • 9 percent of the RDA of calcium
  • 2 grams of protein
  • 1 gram of carbs
  • 4 grams of fat
  • 52 calories

Low in calories and carbs, black sesame seeds are a healthy addition to any diet. They’re an excellent source of zinc, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and B-complex vitamins.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

This superfood boasts cholesterol-lowering phytosterols that promote cardiovascular health. According to science, black sesame seeds have the highest phytosterol content of all nuts and seeds.

Additionally, they contain large amounts of fiber, which further helps reduce bad cholesterol. This nutrient also keeps your blood sugar stable and prevents colon cancer.

Fights Diabetes Naturally

Black sesame seeds are rich in magnesium, iron, fiber, and other nutrients that help prevent diabetes and relieve its symptoms. Their oil has been shown to reduce blood pressure and blood glucose levels in diabetics.

Improves Your Complexion

For flawless skin, add these seeds to your diet! Zinc, one of their primary nutrients, stimulates collagen production and slows the aging process.

Depending on your preferences, you can either eat the seeds or apply black sesame seed oil on your face and body. The oil is a powerful natural remedy for skin burns, irritation, dry skin, and even acne.

Restores Your Hormonal Balance

Evidence shows that sesame seeds balance estrogen and other sex hormones in women. In clinical trials, subjects who consumed these seeds experienced an increase in antioxidant levels, improved hormonal balance, and reduced blood lipids.

Black sesame seeds are also known for their ability to regulate blood pressure, increase fat burning, and cut breast cancer risk by half. Add them to baked goods, smoothies, salads, and home-cooked meals. It’s a healthy way to improve your diet and get the nutrients needed for better health.

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