The Benefits of Echinacea on Health and Well-Being

The Benefits of Echinacea on Health and Well-Being

The Benefits of Echinacea on Health and Well-Being


Most people take Echinacea supplements to fight the common cold and the flu. Some use it as a natural immune-boosting agent. What you may not know is that Echinacea also protects against cancer, improves digestion, and relieves pain. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are highly prized in the medical community.

This North American flower has been used as a natural remedy for over 400 years. It works just as well as antibiotics but without the side effects. Let’s take a look at its amazing health benefits:

Improves Immune Function

When it comes to immune support, Echinacea should come first on your list. This natural remedy is rich in flavonoids, essential oils, vitamin C, polysaccharides, and other immune-boosting nutrients.

Research shows that Echinacea can cut the risk of catching a cold by a staggering 58 percent. Moreover, it promotes seasonal wellness and reduces the duration of the common cold.

Relieves Pain

Thousands of years ago, Indians were using this herb as a natural painkiller. Modern research indicates that it’s particularly effective for headaches, stomach pain, toothache, sore throat, and pain associated with STDs.

Prevents Constipation

Due to its mild laxative effect, Echinacea helps prevent and relieve constipation. Use the dried herb to make tea, and drink up to three cups per day. It’s a safe, natural way to improve digestion and colon health.

Reduces Bad Breath

This herb is a powerful natural remedy for bad breath. Due to its antimicrobial properties, it kills odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and keeps them from spreading. For best results, combine it with lavender and sage.

Fights Infection

Studies indicate that Echinacea can help treat urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, genital herpes, and even some thyroid conditions. Even though it’s not a cure-all, it promotes healing and relieves your symptoms. Plus, it improves your body’s natural defenses so it can fight infections more efficiently.

Health experts recommend taking Echinacea supplements for up to 10 days. Some products can be safely used for as long as six months-just make sure you don’t go overboard. High doses may trigger allergies, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, stomach pain, and other side effects.

Always take this supplement or drink Echinacea tea with food. If you have skin burns or wounds, apply Echinacea creams on the affected areas. You may also use this herb in injectable form, but the risk of adverse reactions is higher.

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