Easy to Grow Organic Herbs

Easy to Grow Organic Herbs

Easy to Grow Organic Herbs


Organic herb gardening is especially for those who do not have the right amount of time to spend in growing a traditional garden. Many grow organic herbs because they are new in the gardening field. In addition, let’s suppose you do not have a yard with a large enough area. It would then be advisable to grow an organic herb garden since it does not require much space at all. Organic herb gardening is also a much simpler form of gardening and most easy to maintain, as children can also get involved.

Having a hobby of growing an herb garden is calculated as an organic method. It will help you out to grow your favorite herbs in your garden, which will result in good recipes. It will ultimately lead to good flavors. Growing herbs is easy. A window sill and a sunny spot is a perfect place to grow your favorite herbs.

There are many ways to decide which herbs to include in your organic herb garden. Here are some ideas.

1. Mint

This is one of the most favorite herbs. This is a hardy plant that will take over your garden; there are so many varieties of mint today that you will have a hard time choosing which to grow. Spearmint, Peppermint, chocolate mint, lemon mint and even orange mint are just a few of the choices!

2. Basil

This can be used in any and everything and is easy to grow. For basil to grow optimally, the soil needs to be well fed with compost. The soil should be well drained. When watering basil try not to get water on the leaves, but water around the base of the plant. Just keep the soil moist, but not damp.

3. Marjoram

Marjoram is grown in fertile soil in direct sunlight, but will tolerate a poorer soil. Sweet marjoram is used in a lot of meat dishes, but is also used in dressings. It is a lovely plant in the garden. You can start marjoram from seed indoors about six weeks before the last frost date. Or, if you know someone who raises marjoram you can divide the plant for transplanting.

4. Lavender

Lavender grows too large to be put on a windowsill. It is a very aromatic herb that promotes sleep and relieves headaches. Lavender has a sweet, floral taste that goes well with mint for a flavorful cup of tea. This is another tea that is made with the flowers of the plant.

5. Chives

They are so easy to grow. Many people keep a container of chives in the window sill for a constant supply. Chives are an onion-like plant that can be used in almost any dish. You just snip off the amount you want, and it will grow back. If you want, you can grow it outside in the warm months and inside when it is too cold outside.

That should get you started with your organic herb garden. Most herbs are easy to grow and maintain. We hope you will give them a try.

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