Our Favorite Sushi Dishes

Our Favorite Sushi Dishes

Our Favorite Sushi Dishes


One of the oldest cuisines in the world is sushi which was said to originate from Japan over 1,800 years ago. One of the first types of sushi was Nigiri which was prepared as a type of fast food at the time. Most recently, the art of making sushi has been upgraded around the world. Unmaintainable fishing practices, health matters concerning the consumption of fish, as well as human rights activities in the fishing industry, have caused sushi lovers to opt for the vegetable variety of sushi. Although preparing this Japanese dish can be somewhat intimidating, it can be cooked at home once you get the hang of it. Sushi has become a bit of an ‘it’ thing now as it simply tastes amazing! Always be sure to perform some due diligence when selecting the ingredients that you decide to use in your sushi recipes, whether vegetable or fish based.

Lovers of this sushi enjoy the various toppings used in making this dish such as egg, salmon, chicken teriyaki as well as the sweet rice and sauces. Sushi is regarded as a thing of glory, a dish of pure scrumptiousness. It can be cooked or served raw; therefore you must choose which types of sushi appeals to you or you might end up getting served the raw form. Some people prefer eating the raw form of sushi, although it tastes a bit strange to some individuals.

There are several types of sushi dishes; it all depends on what the type you prefer to make or eat.

1. Nigiri – This is the traditional form of sushi and is usually composed of fish served atop sushi rice. This dish, which is sometimes called Salmon Nigiri, is for people who want to enjoy the flavor of the toppings, which could be shellfish, fish or other toppings.

2. Maki – This variety of sushi is composed of shellfish or fish wrapped in ocean algae or seaweed. Maki always makes people think that this is how sushi should look traditionally.

3. Sashimi – Sashimi is a form of sushi that is composed of shellfish or fish and served without rice. It is preferred by people who love to taste the shellfish or fish since the dish contains no rice.

4. Uramaki – Uramaki is the cousin of Maki. It is composed of rice and filling all wrapped in seaweed. But the difference between these two forms of sushi is that Uramaki has its filling covered with seaweed while rice is on the exterior. Most of the time, Uramaki has lots of sauces and toppings and can be consumed raw or cooked.

5. Temaki – Temaki is a form of sushi that is hand-rolled into a shape that looks like a cone. It is a very delicious type of sushi, though it is not as easy to share as the others.

Sushi can be prepared in any form, and the recipes are virtually limitless; only your imagination will limit you when it comes to making this Japanese dish. Of course, if you want to reduce allergens like dairy, meat, soy, eggs or gluten, then you may have to leave out one or more recipes when you decide to cook this amazing Asian dish. The Food Monster Application will help in this regard and is available on both Apple Store and Play Store respectively.

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